Samsung May Showcase Worlds First Stretchable Display OLED Technology

According to a report, Samsung will present a stretchable display in the SID 2017 event to be held in Los Angeles.  The company can roll out a foldable smartphone called Galaxy X. While the wait-till smartphone is still waiting, according to a report, the company is preparing to introduce the stretchable panel. It will be the world’s first screen and according to the report, the company can present it in the US this week.

This stretchable display is similar to the flawless display that came in the past. While foldable displays can turn the sides aside, it typically turns both sides. Samsung says its display can be pressed for 12 millimeters and still it will be able to give a high degree of resolution. Samsung’s plan is to present a stretchable OLED display with a 9.1-inch version. This product is expected to be widely used on those devices, which work on Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies.

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The company will display the stretchable display in the company SID 2017 event which will be organized by Society for Information Display. This event will be held in Los Angeles between 23 May and 25 May. Many industry experts believe that Samsung’s stretchable display demands more complex technology than any other display, and can be considered as the ultimate product in flexible technology.

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Samsung has recently filed a trademark file for the ‘Galaxy X’ Moniker, which includes information about Samsung’s new flexible smartphone. Based on this trademark, the leaked information contained two device model numbers, SM-X9000 and SM-X905 (Galaxy X1 Plus). According to the information, the company can launch both of its foldable phones in the third or fourth quarter of this year. This foldable smartphone can be used by both consumers in both smartphones or tablets at their convenience.

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