Whatsapp Recall : Whatsapp New Feature Helpful To Withdraw Messages Within 5 Minutes

Whatsapp messenger  is going to launch ‘Whatsapp Recall’ a new feature for its users. The name of this new feature is ‘Recall’. In this feature if you accidentally send a message to someone, within five minutes you can call it back. You can recall your sent message back within 5 minutes with this new recall feature .

What is special in the Whatsapp Recall ?

WABetaInfo has told about this feature through its twitter account. Any update related to whatsapp comes on this site first. Users will get 5 minutes to withdraw with the whatsapp recall feature. In this 5 minutes you will be able to withdraw the Status and reply including Text, Image, Video, GIFs, Documents, through recall . This feature will be made available in 2.12.30+ versions of Whatsapp.

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What is Pin to Top Feature ?

Whatsapp last month released the Pin to Top feature for its Android users. Through this you can put your favorite chats up. Last month, the company released its beta version. This feature will have the advantage of keeping 3 chats at the top.

How to use Pin To Top Feature :

You can put three chats on top through pin chats. You will not need to scroll through the chat list again and again. Long-press the contact to pin-to-top and tap on the pin icon given above.

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Along with whatsapp recall, the feature of editing WhatsApp messages is going to launch soon. The user will be able to edit the message sent. But for the reception message, not for the old messages. India has over 20 million WhatsApp users in India, its total users are over 1 billion active users. Whatsapp is available in 10 languages in India.

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