Whatsapp Night Mode Feature For Low Light Photography Know How It Works

The Whatsapp Night Mode feature has been introduced for photography in low light. This feature is included in the in-app camera.

Whatsapp is the world’s most popular messaging app. This app has 1.2 billion users in the world and also likes this app for features and easy UI. However, in an area where whatsapp is left behind the second app, it is the camera. At the same time, such whatsapp has released a new update by removing this complaint for its users. The company added a new shooting mode for better photos in the dark.

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When you open Whatsapp’s in-app camera, a moon icon appears on the top right in the right side, which is exactly the same as the flash icon. Users must tap on the icon to enable the Whatsapp night mode feature. We tried to use this feature and saw how much work it would be in low light photography. We have clicked the photos with No Night mode and Night mode in Low Light which are shown below.

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Whatsapp night mode feature can be said to be a very good feature, but in fact it will be a real test in the photo taken during the night. Night mode feature works for video shoots and the results are very good.

This feature can be seen as a minor update, but it will help in situations where it is not possible to use Flash. It also works on selfie cameras, which will be beneficial for users with flash capabilities on their front cameras. This new feature has been introduced after photographs were introduced by WhatsApp for photos.

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After capturing photos on WhatsApp, users get five basic filters like B & W, Cool, Chrome, Film, and Pop. Let us know that there is already night mode on Instagram and recently introduced the face filters in this app. It would not be surprising that whatsapp comes with a face filter on your camera app.

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