Vegetables and fruits make your health and reduces the risk of stress

Since childhood, we have been hearing the benefits of fruits and vegetables. It is always advisable to eat green vegetables in the house. Doctors also show the importance of green vegetables to stay healthy. Green vegetables are beneficial for health, but at the same time it is beneficial for you in many other ways too. A research has shown that vegetables have many such elements, which are helpful in removing stress from our brain at the end of the day. According to the research, in which vegetables are consumed four times a day, there is less stress in comparison to those who do not eat green veg and fruits.


Scientists say that those who eat vegetables four to five times a day, the risk of stress is 12 percent less than those who do not eat once or twice a day. It has also emerged from an old research that some vegetables like spinach and leafy vegetables produce mood stabilizers such as Serotonin and Dopamine in the brain. This new research was done at the University of Sydney in Australia, in which about 60,000 people from 45 years and above were involved. After this the researchers examined the lifestyle, psychological stress and other things of fruit and vegetables eaters. These investigations were first made in 2008 and the second time in 2010. After this, they were given ten to ten questions and were asked to answer them. This questionnaire was to check the stress and stress in his mind. After their reply, it was found that the people who used to eat fruits and vegetables continuously were found to be very accurate and logical, whereas the answer to those who did not eat fruits and vegetables was a bit annoying.

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Then it came to the conclusion that in the day that they do not eat fruit and vegetables once, they have the highest risk of stress. For those who eat vegetables three to four times, this danger decreases by 12 percent, and this danger decreases to 14 percent for those who eat vegetables and fruits five to seven times. For women it is even more beneficial. The risk of stress in women eating vegetables three to four times decreases to 18 percent. During the research, researchers selected women, young people, less educated and unemployed, people suffering from obesity, and smokers and people separated from society. Research also revealed that there is no shortage of stress in eating fruit. There is no special change even if more than seven times more vegetables and fruits are eaten. Just as you can not consume all the medicines once in a day, you can not stay away from stress even after consuming more vegetables than the recommended amount.

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So eat vegetables and fruits for your health and reduce stress.

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