UPI Payments May Be Chargeable From July 10 2017

Since the ban, there is a lot of emphasis in India today to promote cashless economy. For this purpose, the central government started the UPI payment service last year. UPI allow you to payment and transfer money from the two banks through the app.Many banks have started their own UPI app and free of cost transaction . But now it is reported that from July 10 2017 you have to pay some charges for UPI transaction .

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Service Charges For UPI Transaction :

According to the news of Gadgets 360, HDFC Bank sent some e-mails to some customers, in which it is written that from July 10, the fee will be charged for the UPI. According to the reports, a fee of Rs 3 for Rs 1 to 25,000 will be charged, plus the fee of Rs 5.00 (additional charge) will be charged for payment of Rs 25,001 to 100,000 lakhs.

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Since these mails have been sent by HDFC Bank, it is not clear whether these fees will be levied only by HDFC Bank or the rest of the bank will do the same. But if all the banks’ transactions begin to be charged in the bank, then people will start running towards cash again.

Gadgets 360 received a mail from NPCI chief operating officer Dilip Asbi, he wrote, “We have made available the United Payment Interface to every bank. There is no information yet from any bank to charge the payment. But if the bank wishes, then the fee can be charged between the two account holders for the UPI transaction. But there will be no extra charge for making transaction on shops through this platform. It is clearly written in NPCI’s guideline. ‘

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