Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a CCTV Camera

So far, you used your smartphone to make the most needed work calls. You will also be able to handle your official work from a smartphone or use the phone to make photos and videos. But did you know that you can use the phone for security? Yes, you can take care of your home or office from any corner of the world through your smartphone. So let’s know how to turn your old smartphone into a cctv camera :

First of all you need to have an Android smartphone. Now in your Android phone you have to download the IP Webcam app from the Google Play Store. Which makes your phone’s camera even more powerful This is a free app.

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How to turn your old smartphone into a cctv camera and how will IP Webcam app work ?

1. Download the IP Webcam app in your Android smartphone first. After this, before you open the app, go into settings and go inside the app. After this, force any of the cameras you have in your phone to stop them. After that open the IP Webcam app.

2. Now select the plug-in option and tap it. Install all the features provided in it. After installing FEATURES, turn on all. If you do not turn any feature on it then the cctv feature will not work.

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3. Now back to the app and tap the start server option at the bottom. Let’s make the window coming in that yes.

4. Webcam’s IP address will appear in the window. Copy and insert it on the phone or PC from which to watch the live video.

5. Enter the IP address on that browser and enter. After which a window will open. Tap on the browser here and live cctv video will appear.

What’s in the IP Webcam App?

The app can view live cctv video on any smartphone or PC. If the smartphone has both rear and front camera, then both cameras can watch live video. Users can also record live video. Also, photos can also capture. Knight Vision mode has also given the video quality better. If the smartphone has an LED flash then the user can sit and operate it too.

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What is IP Webcam App?

The size of this app is approximately 33MB. However, its size on different devices will also be different. This app can be used on all Android smartphones. The app has so far installed more than 50 million users. The app is designed by Pavel Khlebovich developer.

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