Take Better Selfies With Normal Camera

Today’s youths are crazy about selfie , but sometimes it happens that you can not take good selfies. For a better selfie only a powerful selfie camera is not necessary. To take better selfies it is essential that you know the trick that how to take better selfie. Today we will tell you some top tech tips to take better selfies even with an ordinary camera.

Take Better Selfies with Selfie Stick :

Today, there is a big craze of Selfie Stick in the market. If you are very fond of selfie photos then you can use it. The camera gets a little bit away from you by stick and you are able to take a big and wide picture. The camera button is available in the stick .

Auto Settings :

While taking selfie make sure all the settings on the default mode. Because the phone is so close to you light and effect can spoil your picture. The default mode is to have all the settings on the phone in Auto.

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Always Clean the selfie camera lens to take better selfies :

Before taking photos, clear your phone’s lens. Due to the dust on your smartphone camera lens many times your good selfie becomes unclear . For this you should periodically clean your phone’s camera.

Status of Illumination:

To take better selfies, keep in mind that the lights lie on the subject. You are the subject in Selfie in this situation the picture will be very clear than pictures taken in low light . Yes, try to avoid even more bright lights if the light is coming from the opposite direction. That is coming from behind, so if you change your situation a little bit then it will be much better. Give a little side pause during Selfie. For low light photography google’s researchers are developed a night time photography app ‘Seeinthedark‘ .

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Avoid Group Photography:

At Selfie’s time, always try to make sure that in the photographs if there are least people, the better the photos are. But there is often problem in group selfies it is difficult to cover everyone from the front.

Avoid camera buttons:

When you take selfie, touching the given camera button on the screen is quite difficult and often it is afraid to move the photo. In this case, you can use the self timer. Apart from this, there are many phone options for selfie like to speak hello you can also use it. Otherwise, go to the camera setting and set the volume button to the camera. This will help you to get better selfies.

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Look towards camera instead of the screen :

The complaint in Selfie is too much that you are looking out somewhere else in the photo. The reason for this is that the camera is at the top of the screen and you see the screen near you. Try to see in the camera at the top of the screen. At the same time, even when looking at outside of the side pose, even photography is better.

Avoid Zoom to take better selfies :

Avoid Zoom as much as possible during Selfie. Because the digital zoom is usually in the phone and it gets worse every time zooms the quality of the picture. If zooming is necessary, then you should use up to 2x or 4x.


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