Salman Khan Left His Lucky Charm Turquoise Firoza Bracelet

All know about Salman Khan’s Turquoise Firoza Bracelet. Salman Khan never gave up this bracelet given by his father Salim Khan. This bracelet has proved to be lucky for them. Recently, Salman was spotted at one place, but during this time he did not have a bracelet in his hand, but he was wearing a locket in the neck. Those locks seemed to be somewhat like an amulet.

Salman Khan left Turquoise Firoza Bracelet , a new trick after the failure of tubelight movie :

You must have seen a Turquoise (Firoza) Bracelet bracelet in the hands of Salman Khan often. If you are the fan of Salman Khan then you may have bought this bracelet.But now it seems that Salman Khan has made a distance from his lucky charm. Salman Khan has been wearing Feroza Bracelet for several years and it is also difficult to imagine Salman watching without this bracelet.

It is said that this bracelet was given by Salman’s father as a gift to him. This gift given by the father has proved to be very lucky for them, so Salman never takes this bracelet.Recently, Salman Khan was seen in a black color shirt and paint but in his hand he did not have a Froze Bracelet. Instead, there was a pendant in his neck that looked like a talisman.

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Salman’s secret to the bracelet, know why he wear it :

Salman Khan does not go anywhere without a bracelet and even this bracelet is also seen in his films. But now Salman is showing a pendant tied with black thread in his throat.It may be that these talisans have also been given to them on behalf of their father, but it is not clear now that Salman has brought his Lucky Charm after the failure of the tube-light or there is some other reason behind this.

The bracelet disappeared from Salman’s hand and since this new locket, it is being said that Salman may now be making this locket his Luck Charm. Let me tell you that Salman’s recently released film Till Lite did not show anything at the box office, which gave hit movies. The film is getting mixed response.

Actually, Salman’s film had a lot of expectations from the film. Talk about Salman’s upcoming movie, now he is going to be seen in Tiger is alive.

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This is the secret behind Salman Khan’s Lucky Bracelet :

Turquoise is considered a representative of Venus in astrology. Its sky blue or green blue color is enough to recognize it from a distance. According to this, people who want success in love affair or are associated with entertainment, media, creativity and glittering industries, they are advised to wear turquoise.

Those who have alcohol, gambling addiction or too much anger also get great benefit from wearing this stone. It is said that anyone who foresees Firoza, his enemy can not spoil anything, he gets saved from all things.

Turquoise Firoza Bracelet gives success to love relationships :

Firoza is a symbol of courage, hope and love. For those who fail in love often and who have not been successful even after a lot of efforts, Ferozha is a destructive stone for them. The positive habits and tremendous self-confidence increase in the person wearing it, on which, he easily passes difficult and difficult situations. Those who are not getting married, wearing firozha also makes Yoga for their marriage. Even if there is a difference between husband and wife, astrologer advises wearing this stone.

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Turquoise Firoza Bracelet is worn on Friday :

This stone is considered to be the best day to wear on Friday. Apart from this, it can also be worn on Thursday or Saturday. It is often worn only at sunrise.

Turquoise Firoza Bracelet Protects from black magic :

There is no effect of fire and acid on this stone nor does the weather have any effect on it. Since ancient times, turquoise is worn to remove black magic in Arab and other countries. It is believed that after wearing Firozha, there is no effect of black magic.

How to Identify real Turquoise Firoza Bracelet :

Firoza found in the market can be fake. The biggest identity of Firoza is its color, its surface is not flat, flat and smooth, but it is rugged.
Well, tell you that Salman was gifted by his Lucky Charm Firoze Bracelet by his father Salim.

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