How To Run Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

You need to register a mobile number to run WhatsApp. But today we are going to tell you a trick, which will allow to run WhatsApp without mobile number.

There are hardly anyone in today’s time who is not on WhatsApp. If we say that Whatsapp has become an inseparable part of the lives of people, then this will not be an exaggeration. Through popular messaging app Whatsapp, you can not only mess with friends, relatives, but also share photos, videos, gif files and now you can do video calls and voice calls for free.

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Due to its superb features it has become very useful and popular.In whatsapp it is necessary to register your mobile number to run whatsapp. Without registring a mobile number you can not run whatsapp but today we are going to tell you some tech tips and tricks by which you can run whatsapp without mobile number.

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Trick to Run WhatsApp without mobile number :

1. First go to Google Play Store and download Text Now App from there.

2.Then complete the registration process after installing Text Now App.

3. When you register, a number will appear to you. Write this number to a place or save it.

4. Now delete your Whitespace account and re-download WhatsApp and install .

5. Register the number from the Text Now App in this new WhatsApp account.

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6. Then click on call me option for Verification Process.

7. As soon as you click, you will come to a text call Verification App for Verification. Enter the verification code in the call, in your new WhatsApp account.

8. So now you are ready to run Whatsapp without mobile number and now enjoy whatsapp wihout telling your number to anyone .

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