How To Repair Corrupt Memory Card Tech Guide

Today in this tech tips we will tell you a smart trick on how to repair corrupt memory card

Many times it happens that all your data has been deleted from your memory card. It is also difficult to recover those deleted data. But do you know how data is deleted from your memory? Let me tell you, this is because of a virus coming in your phone. The main reason for the memory card being spoiled or corrupted is that the Android mobile has a virus. In such a way, today we will tell you smart tech tips on how to repair corrupt memory card.

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To Repair Corrupt Memory Card Connect To Computer :

To repair corrupt memory card put your memory card in the card reader. After that connect the memory card to your computer. After that check the drive that shows the location of your memory card. Now right-click on the memory card and go to the Properties option. Now you will see the formatting option. After this, after clicking the format option cross, a popup box will appear, which will be named File System Fat.

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Then click on the Start button in it but keep in mind that do not check the Quick Format option. Leave it empty. Check your memory card now whether it is working or not. After this whole process, your memory card will be repaired .

Along with this an another way to repair corrupt memory card :

1. Connect the memory card to the computer and press the Ctrl + R to open the RUN command.

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2. Then type it in CMD and enter it. Now insert the name of your memory card, like if the name of the drive is L: then type L: and enter it.

3. After that type Format L: and then enter.

4. After this process you will receive a message for confirmation. Now press N for NO and Y for YES .

5. After clicking on Y, the file will begin to be formatted. Now your memory card will be correct.

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