Ravi Venkatesan Appointed As Infosys Assistant Chairman

Today, the company has appointed independent director Ravi Venkatesan as the chairman of the company, who has been asked by the founders of Infosys to diversify the company’s board of directors.

This decision of expansion in the Board of Directors has been done between the company management and the founders of Taskakashi on various issues. It is notable that the founder of the company has publicly expressed concern about the salary increase of the Chief Executive Officer, giving more package to older employees and operational standards of the company etc.

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Infosys Chairman R.Seshasayee said in a statement,  “In implementing the company’s strategy, Ravi Venkatesan will help in increasing the affiliation of the board of directors with my management.” It is worth mentioning that Ravi Venkatesan is a member of the board of the company from April 2011.

In a statement, the company said, “The board of directors identified the payment amount between shareholders between 13,000 crore rupees ($ 2 billion) in the financial year 2017-18,” the company said in a statement. The company will execute it through dividend or share repurchase. This decision will depend on the board of directors, legal procedures and necessary permissions. “This Bangalore-based company has recently adopted the new Association of Articles of Association (RTI), which also provides for revival.

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