Pervasive SUB Project Helps Blind And Deaf People Watch TV Without Assistance

Now blind and deaf people can watch television  with new Pervasive SUB Project technology. Researchers have developed a technique that types braille in real time and helps visually and deaf people watch TV without assistance. Researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have run a broadcastable ‘PervasiveSUB Project’, which compiles the subtitles of television channels and sends them to the main server, which then forwards it to the smartphone and tablet again.

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There they are sent through an app to the Braille line of the blind person, which can control the speed of the subtitles captured directly from the TV broadcast with good synchronization.

Spanish broadband and telecommunications providers are financially funded by Telefonica. Arnka Diaz-Lado, director of Telefonica (Sustainable Innovation) said in a statement: “We try to become a more accessible company in Telefonica and thus we are creating equal opportunities for all and although we have a long way to go There is a new technology and digital revolution is the best medium to help us reach there. ”

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Pervasive SUB Project trial has been successful and this facility has been merged with all National and Regional Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) channels of Madrid.The team of Inspectors is providing the facility free of cost to the needy.

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