Paul Allen Built a Giant Stratolaunch Aircraft Capable To Launch Rockets

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has completed his big dream. Allen has built the world’s largest Stratolaunch Aircraft , capable to launch rockets into space . Paul Allen has been working on this state-of-the-art project for the past three years. On this project he was working in the California Desert. Stratolaunch is so big that the government had issued a special permit to make it.

Allen released pictures of this ambitious airplane for the first time on Wednesday (May 31st). The wings of this airplane is bigger than 385 feet wide i.e. football field. Stratolaunch is five hundred thousand pounds heavy without fuel and able to carry two million pounds fuel.

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Paul Allen’s company will partner with space agencies, so that they can get a contract to send rockets. American private space flight company Orbital ATK has partner with Paul Allen’s company to launch the Pegasus XL Rocket. Small satellites are sent to space through Pegasus XL rockets.

Features Of Stratolaunch Aircraft :

In the world’s largest plane, 385 feet wingspan has been installed. Not only this, in stratolaunch aircraft they used six boing 747 engines . It is 50 feet high and it can lift 5 million pounds. It is so big that it has 28 wheels in it to move. This airplane named Stratolaunch aircraft has been designed in such a way that the Satellite can also be sent in space through this aircraft . It can launch as many satellites as possible in space.

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Stratolaunch aircraft of Paul Allen is unique in many ways. It can also be used like an Airbone Rocket Launcher. This means that this big aircraft will be used to launch the rocket. Usually the rockets are launched from the launch pad, which consume enough fuel. Stratolaunch aircraft take the rocket to air and from there the rocket can be launched which use less fuel .

A thousand pound rocket is installed in this airplane, which is capable of sending small satellites to space. Upon reaching an altitude of 35 thousand feet, these rockets will be “air launches” in space. According to the company, “Air Launch” will be the cheapest and easiest way to send small satellites into space.

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In a statement issued on Wednesday, Stratolaunch systems CEO Jean Floyd said that his company is considering a wide range of options to provide flexible features to customers. Floyd said that in the coming weeks and months, he will do ground test of this aerospace. The first launch of this first aircraft of its kind in the world is likely to be by 2019. During this time, tests related to security of its pilots, crew and staff will be done during the trip.

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