Panic Button SOS Feature And GPS Compulsory In All Mobiles : DOT Directive

Central government’s DOT (Department of telecom) directive to mobile phone companies to add a Panic button SOS feature and GPS on all smartphone manufactured from 2018 , is being implemented by few Indian phone makers now itself .This button will be so easy to call in any emergency situation. In a way, this button will have the means to call (Emergency Call) in an emergency. Apart from this, the government, some time ago, telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that all the phones sold from the beginning of 2018 should have made GPS navigation system.

In phones without a panic button SOS feature user has to unlock the phone, search the number of the family and friend to make a call. Whereas in phones with panic button one just has to press the power button a few times and the phone will automatically send out text messages and calls to emergency contacts without asking the user to unlock the phone.

The panic button SOS feature used in smartphones is brand new to the users. Which will now be available in all the upcoming smartphones soon. But there are still many users who do not have much information about this feature. It is mandatory to know the security.

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What is Panic button or SOS feature?
This is a security feature that will be available in all upcoming mobile phones. With this feature, users can send alerts to their friends and family at the time of emergency. At the same time, the government has also announced to make it available to all mobile phones under the Panic button. Talking about the Panic Button, in a way, this button will have the means of calling the phone (Emergency Call) in the event of emergency. In basic phone it will be integrated into numbers 5 or 9. Holding the emergency number will make the panic button turn on. At the moment it is not clear which agency of the agency will be alerted to this It is possible that the government should link it to a single emergency number 112, as is the 911 in the US.

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With the help of SOS or Panic Button, users can send emergency information by clicking the button only. Which will send an automatic alert message to the Emergency Contact saved by you or nearby police station. After that, the police will be able to help you by tracking your location immediately.

Why is Panic button SOS feature required?
Many experts say that there should be a feature in the smartphone, which can provide immediate and genuine security to a person in real trouble. In today’s time, almost everyone uses mobile phones and in such a way, the introduction of this feature can be reported to the emergency via mobile, hence this feature has been introduced. In this feature, users will have to press only one SOS button and the emergency alert will reach the police station. Simply put, this feature will send an emergency alarm or an SMS to the numbers you set.

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How  to activate Panic button SOS Feature ?
It is very easy to activate this feature in the phone. To activate it, press the power button of the phone three times. When you press three times in a hurry, the Emergency feature of the phone will become active and your message will reach your contact. This feature tracks and places the message in addition to clicking the photo from your front camera.

To activate Panic button SOS feature:
1. First, go to the settings of the phone and click on the privacy and safety options given there.
2. After this, tap on Send SOS Messages.
3. To screen the screen, tap on the given option and also enlarge the picture and the video in it.
4. After this, click on Agri button to agree to T & C.
5. Then add at least 4 contact numbers to the Emergency List.

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