Now Digital Payment Without Mobile,PM Modi launches BHIM Aadhaar Pay

In order to realize the vision of Digital India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and to move India towards the cashless economy, the government is being made to simplify the payment process for each person with Aadhaar Pay. For which the government recently launched the UPA, which helps in sending and receiving money easily with the help of mobile. At the same time, the USSD based mobile banking service was also launched which works on smartphones and feature phones. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the new digital payment system today. Its purpose is to make the banking process easier for such people who are not able to read or write.

PM Modi has launched a special payment system for digital transactions in Nagpur. Ambedkar Jayanti is a special occasion for this Bhim based service has been started. This biometric based payment system is especially for merchants, making shopping easier. Aadhaar system will be the first such biometric-based payment system, so that the Aadhaar-linked account holders will be able to make transactions in banking using their thumb.

Shoppers can take digital payments through this app. Not only this, if the customer does not have a smartphone, he can still make a payment through a biometric scan. Customers will not need a credit or debit card to pay through aadhar pay. According to reports, like other payment applications and POS machines, it will not need internet.

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Users must link only their aadhaar number and mobile number to their bank account, debit or credit card. Sellers can download this app free from the Play Store. After that they have to register it through their fingerprint and Aadhaar card. With this, two new incentive schemes have also been started these include BHIM-Cashback and Referral Bonus.

Significantly, the IDFC Bank has already launched the Apex App on its base. 27 banks have already joined this platform, besides about 3 lakh merchants have come up with this. The government has asked more and more banks to engage with it.

Difference between Aadhaar Pay App and Other Payment Solutions

At the moment, if you use digital payment, you have a need of a smart phone, after which you can use some mobile apps such as Paytm, FreeCarge or the UPI Enabled app. But the end-to-end payment system eliminates the need for smartphones for AEPS payments. With the help of AEPS, the merchant will be able to accept without cash transactions.

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The aadhaar payment service offered by the government can be used not only in metro cities but also in rural areas and villages. Talking about the villages, not everybody uses a smartphone and there is no question of the use of applying the appellant like APT and UPI. But the aadhaar payment system has been introduced for cashless payment, which does not have to be a smartphone for use.

Need and Function of Aadhaar Pay Solution

In order to use the aadhaar pay, the merchant needs to have an Android smartphone, with the base Ape and Biometric Reader available. Biometric can be purchased for Rs 2,000. After downloading the app to the smartphone, the merchant has to enter his aadhaar card number, bank and fingerprint in it. When the consumer has to pay the payment, the trader will have to add his aadhaar card number, bank name and money.

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After this, you have to do a biometric scan to take payment which works like a password. Once the authorization is successful, the payment will be transferred to the customer’s bank account from the customer’s bank account. India bill payment system will soon be launched, citizens of rural areas can easily pay.

Benefits of Aadhar Pay for Consumers

This digital payment is not only for merchants, but also many benefits of aadhaar pay. For example, if you enter your Aadhaar card number and scan your fingerprint on POS machine, besides submitting cash in your bank account, you can get information about the mini statement, account balance and account.

You can transfer money to your friends and family with the help of Aadhaar enabled payment service. For this, it is necessary to enter the aadhaar card number and fingerprint scan on POS machine only. To use this service, you do not need a sign and no debit or credit card. This app is completely secure because it uses fingerprint for payment so that no one can copy.

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