Now you can make bus and train reservations using google trips

Google Trips has introduced a new feature for its Android and iOS users. With the help of this new feature, users will be able to make bus and train reservations. Earlier, Google Trips app users were able to reserve flights, hotels, cars and restaurants. But, with the help of this update, he will now be able to book train and bus tickets too.

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At the same time, according to the news of technology website, google trips also gives users the option of making manual changes in their travel programs, in which they can add details such as airline and flight number or hotel name, even if they have No email confirmation. Along with this, Google says about this new update that it will take information about the app’s users’ Gmail account. After that, users will provide personalized travel guides and planer applications on the basis of data base.

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Through this google trips app you can get all the information about the destination you want to visit. Users (+) go to the Right Corner and click where the reservation can be done by adding the information in the reservation section.

Recently Google Maps has eliminated people’s travel related problems. Google IOS and Android users can save parking location with the help of new Google Maps features. Google Map had previously rollout this feature ‘save your location’ for the beta version.

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