Now You Can Do Group Payment In Facebook Messenger

Social media giant facebook messaging app messenger keeps bringing new updates to its users. This time too Facebook has introduced a new feature. Facebook has introduced the group payment feature in its messaging app, which gives users the option to pay only one click during group chat. In the year 2015, the company had introduced the fund transfer feature in Messenger but now it has also started for this feature group. You can use the payment feature in group chat in the same way as you used to do for a particular person.

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Users can use Group Payment by visiting the payment icon. While using Android and desktop, users can send and receive money with the help of Messenger. Please note that this feature is not available in India yet and Facebook has not even provided information on how long the payment feature will be made available to India.

Facebook Group Payment feature can be easy when you go to a meal in the restaurant in the restaurant or buy gifts on someone’s birthday. In addition to sending payments, users can also request to make payments in the group, which displays the names of people who need to pay. You can also add a note, so that others know that they need to pay.

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Facebook has recently introduced Stories Features like Snapchat while changing news feeds. At the same time, the company has made a new change in the news feed and introduced the ‘rocket ship’ icon. Some Facebook users recently found a new ‘rocket ship’ button on the other side of the News Feed button in their mobile app. IOS users will see this button in the bottom of your screen. While Android users can see it on the bottom of the screen.

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In this news feed you will be posting shows that you would be interested in but those pages you have not liked. Simply put, Facebook’s new news feed will show you the post or show of your choice. Your preferences will be estimated based on the pages you have liked and the pages your friends have liked.

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