Narendra Modi Shake Hands With German Chancellor Angela Markel

Photos taken from a video of Narendra Modi visit to Germany are being shared on social media these days. The motive is to insult Narendra Modi, and make fun that he is insulted by the german chancellor angela markel again and that angela refused to shake hand with modi . Today we will bring the truth of this photo to you.

Today we saw a fake news link posted by a facebook page ‘PriyankaGFans’. Looking at the video screenshot shared in this social media post  , it seems that Angela did not just ignore Modi for ending the press conference , but she also showed the way to modi to go somewhere else. The game is also played on Facebook, with screenshots of this video.

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In this below video you can see the truth that, is it really true that Narendra Modi moved forward to shake hand and the German Chancellor Angela Markel ‘ignored’:

So, did you see that the motive of Angela Merkel was not to deliberately ignore modi , but she want to shake hand in fron of the flag of both countries. There she shake hands with the Prime Minister with great happiness and enthusiasm.

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During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Germany, eight agreements have been signed between the two countries. In a joint press conference of PM Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, PM Modi said that we have discussed the issue of terrorism and climate. There are many challenges, including terrorism in front of the world. Humanist forces must be united. PM Modi also said here that we are made for each other.

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There are 8 agreements between India and Germany :

  1. Cooperation from German companies for modernization of railway
  2. German companies for startup
  3. Germany is also collaborating in the Ganga cleanup
  4. Many challenges including terrorism in front of the world
  5. Germany also collaborates in creating smart cities
  6. Germany companies welcome for Make in India
  7. Democratic value give strength
  8. Germany is India’s largest trading partner in the European Union and is the leading source of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country.


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