Microsoft Build 2017 Announcements

Microsoft did not provide any information about the new version of Windows or its new Surface tablet during its Developer Conference Microsoft Build starting Wednesday. Microsoft initially thought that Windows 10 would reach 1 billion people within three years, but last year the company realized that their goal was not met. The company said that Windows 10 is now active on 500 million devices. Apart from this, the company also informed that there are 10 million Monthly Active Users of Commercial Office 365.

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In Microsoft Build conference the company introduced a new database Azure Cosmos DB for developers running running-based applications, which would provide more options for optimal app performance. Microsoft launched its Bot Framework a year ago and now the company informed that now it uses 46,000 developers in place of 130,000 developers using its bot toolkit. The company launches its flagship code editing software Visual Studio, it is now publicly available on Mac.

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Microsoft introduced a new workplace chat tool to Microsoft Teams in its App Store in Microsoft Build conference. This allows any developer to publish the app for the team. Like Amazon’s Alexa, the company has provided the skills of its digital voice assistant Cortana to developers, so that they can prepare applications for Cortana. Now search bots will be seen in Microsoft search engine BING’s search result.

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In Microsoft Build conference the company also introduced a new software tool Video Indexer. Which will be able to analyze the video and the content of the video can be searched.

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