How To Make Free Fake Call To Any Network

There is an app on Google Play Store, which allows the user to Fake Call anyone by hiding their numbers. That is, your original number will not appear on the phone screen of the caller. Rather it will replace a new number every time. These numbers can be anything but different from your original number. With this trick you can Fake Call someone without hiding your number. This app is named IndyCall.

The full name of this app is ‘IndyCall – Free Fake Call to India’.Calling through the app is through data.That is, the call of the user is completely free, but it is necessary to have data. A new number is displayed on the phone screen of the front user, due to the call from the data.

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This app can be used by users who do not wish to share their numbers with any other user. You can Fake Call with a new number every time .The special thing of the app is that every time a call is made to the same number, a new number will appear. This is a fake number so, no one can even make return call on it .

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The calls made from the IndyCall app can not even detected by Truecaller. Truecaller keeps searching for them, but they can not provide details. Not only this, the number of different city, state is visible on the scrolls.

What is IndyCall app to make Fake Call :

– IndyCall – Free calls to India can install the app from the Android user Play Store for free.
– The app took 65MB of space in the Moto X Play handset. It takes different spaces on every phone.
– The app can install on the Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its upgrade version.
– This free app has been installed more than 10 lakhs so far.
– There is no setting to do after app installs , it works direct .
– You can not call several times at a time from app. In such a situation, it is necessary to try again and again.

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