Now download 60 movies in 1 second with infrared rays based technology Li Fi

We all are often troubled by the problem of slow wi-fi ,but the Li-Fi has 100 times faster wireless internet access. Researchers have been created with the help of infra-red rays that do not harm the new Wi-Fi system, which will support many devices simultaneously without slowing down the other devices.

This light-based system is being named ‘Li-Fi’ and it is considered to be more secure than the earlier Wi-Fi system. Researchers believe that these systems will be in the market within the next 5 years. Researchers have discovered a technique that relies on the central ‘light antenna’ for the beam rays of different wavelengths.

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The wireless system prepared by Researchers of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands does not have just 40 gigabytes of second (Gbit / s) speed, but it does not need to be shared with anyone, because every device will get its own light rays. This speed so fast as you will be able to download up to 60 movies in a second.

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This will deliver direct light rays through optical fiber, so there will not be any moving parts, so it will be a non-maintenance system with which no power will be required. Setting up this system will be very easy and cheap too.

As it is a safe infrared wavelength, it will not harm the eyes too. This new system will be such that if you are away from the access of connected light antenna while working on your tablet or smartphone, it will be immediately connected to another light antenna.

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