John McAfee Privacy Phone Claimed to be world’s first most hack-proof phone

Whenever we tell you the name of McAfee, the first thing that comes to our mind is software security. Intel-owned brand McAfee’s antivirus software is popular all over the world. Right now, its producer John McAfee has announced that ‘John McAfee privacy phone’ which will be the world’s most hack-proof phone. This phone will be brought out of the MGT security firm this year.

Recently, John McAfee, co-founder of McAfee antivirus software, shared the prototype of his company’s privacy phone on Twitter, whose estimated cost would be $ 1,100 (about 70,700 rupees). McAfee claims that it will be the world’s first ‘private’ smartphone. According to some reports, MgT, a cyber security company led by McAfee, is designing, testing and assembling this phone.

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If you are thinking that ‘John McAfee Privacy Phone’ will give you more protection than a normal smartphone, then it will show the hardware switch in the back panel, which allows the users to access batteries, antennas, cameras, Bluetooth, geolocation and Wi-Fi Until that microphone will allow you to disconnect. John McAfee told Newsweek about this. It will work on the Android operating system.

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Earlier this year, MGT announced it on the blog post. In the blog, MGT had said that the base phone will be purchased as an OEM model using the Android operating system and then using the MGT’s Cyber Security team’s skill, that phone will be modified.

At the moment there is no disclosure about the specification of this phone. If McAfee is successful in making this phone then this phone will be the first hack proof phone in the technology world.

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Photo Credit: @official/ Twitter

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