JioPhone Launched With 4G VoLTE Know Price,Specification,Booking,Features And Registration

Reliance Jio launched the long-awaited 4G feature phone on Friday. The company has named it JioPhone while Mukesh Ambani calls it “India Ka Smartphone”. Along with this, the telecom company also launched a cable TV device.

Mukesh Ambani said, “The call of jio is the cheapest in the world and better in use. This 4G LTE phone will be used in many Indian languages. From August 15, all the feature phone users will get digital freedom, unlimited data will be available on the phone. The phone will be truly revolutionary, the voice will be free all the time on the phone. Mukesh Ambani said that the effective cost of the JioPhone compared to the smartphone of 3,000 to 4,500 rupees is zero.

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Smartphone JioPhone

Finally, after pausing rumors that have come from a long time, Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Industries has announced the launch of the cheapest 4G VoLTE feature phone so far during its annual meeting on Friday.

Actually, rumors were coming for a long time that Reliance Jio is bringing a very cheap 4G VoLTE feature phone after its telecom services, with low and lower middle class also the company’s cheap Internet data, the benefits of free calling-SMS-roaming services Could raise

But now on Friday, Reliance Jio announced the release of its 4G feature phones for free, and this would add the company to the Jio 4G network using the 2G feature phone. During this meeting Mukesh Ambani said that in the coming time, the company will connect 99% of India’s population to its services.

At the same time, if the report printed in the Economic Times this month, the HSBC Research note said that it would be reduced to 10-15 dollars (650-970 rupees) for bringing the 4G VoLTE feature phone to the price of 500 rupees. .

Reliance has also ordered to China’s phone manufacturer Zhejiang Techain Electronics Technology Co., Shenzhen CHINO-E Communication Co, Crave and Megaphone to manufacture  1.80-2 million handsets of this phone, , and in the beginning of July or early August, Will reach india .

Reliance JioPhone Price :

For the customers, the JioPhone will be free, although for this, they have to deposit the security deposits of 1500 rupees. This fee will be returned to the customers after three years. It means that the effective price of the phone is zero. It is being said that jio is taking Rs. 1500 security money only to keep the customers with them.

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Features of Reliance JioPhone :

Not only in India but in the feature phone market of the world, any service provider has not provided such facilities in the free till date. After the launch of this phone, it is being said that Steve Jobs, who took the iPhone off the iPhone and done it for the rich in America, gave Mukesh Ambani free of cost to the poor for the poor. There is no doubt that Jio’s 4G feature phone is a revolutionary step in the field of communication technology.

In his declaration, Mukesh Ambani himself said, “This phone will set a new record in the world.” You can easily connect it with your TV set. It will run on the VoLTE network In this JioTV and jio Cinema apps will be pre-installed.

NFC Feature

In this phone you’ll get NFC feature by which you can transfer any file in a few seconds by bundling your phone with another smartphone (which is NFC inabled). This will also ensure mobile payments. This feature of Jio will work as ‘Apple Pay’ and ‘Samsung Pay’. Users will be able to link their bank accounts, public money accounts, user accounts and debit / credit cards.

Connect With TV

You will be able to connect this Jio phone not just smart TV but also any TV. It will also connect to the old CRT (cathode ray tube) TV. Once connected, users will be able to view content on jio Apps on TV screens.

Emergency message

This phone has also been given the facility to send ‘distress message’ to the phone number by pressing the number button. It will access the Emergency Message Registered Contacts with the location.

Free Voice Call And Data

It will provide free voice calls, SMS and data. There will be unlimited data every month in the pack of 153 rupees. Its Daily Limit will be 1 GB. Speed ​​will decrease after 1GB is over. Mukesh Ambani said, the amount of data that is spent on the second network by spending 4-5 thousand rupees per month, will give as much data on the recharge of Rs 153 per month. It is being claimed that this feature phone of jio will cover 99 per cent of Indian population within a year. Through this, India will become the world’s largest spending consumer.

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Even in the feature phone segment in India, the Chinese companies were still in touch. Which are expected to end. jio has given a tough challenge to Indian brand Intex, Lava and Micromax by offering a feature phone in free. None of these companies have so far given so many features in the feature phone.

Lacks in JioPhone Features :

Wi-Fi support

During its launch it was not announced whether this phone has been given Wi-Fi support or Wi-Fi hotspot . This phone, which is likely to run on Jio 4G SIM, will use the SIM card for data usage and it will not work on Wi-Fi.


The JioPhone that Reliance has introduced, it has not been given the world’s most popular chat platform, WhatsApp for instant messaging-chatting. Although the Facebook app has been given in the phone but WhatsApp does not exist here. It is being said that the possibility may be that Reliance Jio propagate its own JioChat app through this phone because if the company’s eye is on 500 million basic phone users in the country then this app will go famous in so many people.


With the launch of Reliance JioPhone, its features were revealed, but there is still a mystery about its camera. In fact, the slide that was played on the stage during the announcement of Reliance JioPhone, the camera icon was at the bottom on the left and possibly there was something written about it. But on the right camera specification, a live demo video of Akash-Isha Ambani was played on top of that slide, from which this information was hidden and after that there was no disclosure of the phone’s camera. Whether the front camera was given or not in the phone, could not be found.

JioFi Support

Now that there is a big question about Wi-Fi connectivity in the phone, it is also very difficult to say whether the phone company’s hotspot device will support JioFi. Because JioFi only operates on the devices in which Wi-Fi connectivity is given. In the absence of this, it will not be able to use JioFi’s data.

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Phone Battery

About this unique and free phone battery which has become the biggest headache for users in today’s time, no updates have been issued by the company at this time. The company did not make any announcement about how much battery capacity is in the phone and whether it supports fast charging or not, how much the backup makes.

Jio Cable Price

While presenting the Reliance Jio Phone, it was announced that this phone will connect via Jio Cable to any television whether it is smart, LED, LCD or with the baggage picture tube, and all the contents of the phone are seen on the TV. Will be able to go. But the company did not give information about how much this cable would have.

Operating System

Since this is a feature phone, it is obvious that it will not be available in the Android operating system and the company will not only provide an inhouse operating system. In such a situation, the user can not download the app in this time in the future.

Reliance JioPhone Specification :

– Alphanumeric Keypad

– 4 way navigation

– Compact design

– 2.4 “QVGA display

– Battery and Charger

– SD card slot – camera

– microphone and speaker

– headphone jack

-Cal history

– Phone contact

– Ringtone

– flashlight light

– FM radio

Reliance JioPhone Booking And Registration :

Beta testing of jio Phone starts on August 15 and pre-booking will begin on August 24. The phone booked on the basis of ‘first come first-served’. The company will send 50 million phones every week to the stores for sale.

It will be in the hands of Indian customers in the next three months i.e. till September. This feature phone of Jio will be available for pre-booking from August 24 .

Beta testing of the phone will start on August 15. Users can pre-book from MyJio app and Jio offline stores.

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