How To Install Android O Beta Version

After the developers preview, Android O Beta version is released in Google I / O 2017. Android O is an upgraded version of Android Nougat . Google gave information about this upcoming new feature with its developer preview release. Android O Beta is now available to users worldwide. Google has made several new features available in the Android O. In the major announcements in Google’s annual developer conference, the company’s AI and Machine Learning Assistant has been the subject of most discussion. In addition, new features such as Gmail Smart Reply, Google Lens and Google Photos have also been announced. First of all, we tell you that what has been seen in the Developers preview version 1 and Beta version / Developers preview version 2 of Android O:

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New features available in Android O Developer Preview 2:

  1. Picture in picture
  2. Notification Dots
  3. Smart text selection
  4. Autofill
  5. Vitols

New features available in Android O Developer Preview 1:

  1. Notifications Handling
  2. Quick Settings
  3. Ap badges
  4. Settings menu
  5. States Bar
  6. System UI tuner
  7. Do not disturb
  8. navigation bar
  9. lock screen
  10. Picture in Picture Support
  11. Audio
  12. Physical keyboard support
  13. Background process limits
  14. Adaptive icons
  15. AutoFill API

How To Install Android O Beta Version in your smartphone :

Step 1:

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Before downloading Android O beta version , remember to back up your phone’s data. You can take the help of your computer, laptop or Google Drive to back up the data.

Step 2:

As you know it’s a beta version of Android, you have to sign up for it first. To sign up, first go to and log in with your Gmail account.

Step 3:

Android O can only install Google Nexus, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C and Pixel Smartphone users. So if you have this device then you will be able to download the beta version of Android O.

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Step 4:

After login, you will have to enroll. After clicking Enroll Device, you will receive a message of updates on the phone. After this you will receive a notification in the phone. Click on that notification. In this way, Android O beta version will have the option of updating your phone in front of you. If for some reason you do not get a notification, you can update it by going to About Phone in your phone’s settings.

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