HP Laptop Audio Driver Can Secretly Save Your Passwords

Hardly have you ever heard that your laptop can spy on you too. HP laptop audio driver can secretly save your passwords , email ID, bank account details, social media login, can now be saved in a local file on the system without the permission of the user. This can be accessed by any third party app or person with access to your laptop.

Actually, this information has been provided by a cyber security firm of Switzerland, Modzero AG. Cyber Security firm modzero AG reported that the keylogger in the HP laptop is in the HP laptop audio driver that saves every activity i.e keystrokes of the user in (C: UsersPublicMicTray.log.) folder of laptop .

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Detecting this keylogger in HP laptop audio driver is very difficult . However, in the report, users can also delete or edit their data and files. The report also says that users can remove below HP laptop audio driver files or change names :

• C: WindowsSystem32MicTray64.exe
• C: WindowsSystem32MicTray.exe

According to the report, the keylogger feature has been found in the Conexant HD audio driver package version of HP laptop audio driver .Which is already installed in HP laptop. In its report, the modzero AG states that “the software was developed by Audio Chip maker Conexant.” Also the responsibility in this case is uncertain, because HP has the software package for their device on their website as a driver package Is offered. On the other hand, Software Conexant is the manufacturer of an integrated circuit, which is the manufacturer of American Armament.

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Conexant HD audio driver is being used by many other OEMs such as Lenovo, Dell etc., but this laptop has been seen especially in HP laptops. “Even if the driver’s name is the same, then it is coded differently for different brands.”

Speaking on the unencrypted conditions, CEO of one of the largest cyber security companies in Asia says that it was not correct for a system with keylogger in an active part of HP laptop audio driver. “The firmware manufacturer will claim it to be safe, but it is the duty of the OEM to perform a second degree check.

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HP has updated its audio drivers to fix the keylogger situation that was discovered. Security researchers had discovered that 28 HP laptops and PC models were installed with an audio driver which was working like keylogger. The updated version 10.0.931.90 has been released, which fixes the problem. In order to get the update, users are required to visit hp.com and search for the latest audio driver for your device model.


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