GST Fraud : Please Check And Insure CGST And SGST In Your Shopping Bill

GST has been implemented across the country. All companies, restaurants, hotels and firms are also updating their systems according to GST. But here also customers need to pay attention. So that they avoid being victim of any finesse or fraud in the name of GST and pay the correct tax according to the GST slab.

Customers should always check the bill once they go anywhere to buy goods or restaurants and hotels. Also, check the rates of GST applied to the bill. First of all, the customer needs to know the company’s information, which remains in the bill.

The complete information of company, firm or restaurant is recorded in any bill. In such a situation it is necessary that the customer be alerted to avoid any fraud.

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Here we are telling you what the details of the bill must be.


Company name – The company name should be on the bill.

Company address and phone number – The company address on the bill and any one contact number must be.

GSTIN Number – This means Goods and Services Tax Information Number. It is mandatory to be in the bill.

PAN number – Must be a PAN card number Having a PAN number means that the details of the company’s income tax department are recorded. (Although there is a GSTIN number then PAN number is not a special requirement)

CIN Number – It is registered on the bill as a corporate identification number.

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TIN NO – This is the tax infusion number of any company. Which means that the company is paying tax. However, if there is a GSTIN number then there is no need for TIN numbers.

HSN code – This code should also be entered on the bill.

State Code – 29 states have different codes. In such a way, the service provider should enter the state code in his bill.

Remember only these two tax to be on bill when you pay for goods or services :

If you are paying anywhere, remember that only the G S T will be given on the item and service. This G S T should also be entered on the bill in two parts. Any tax on any item or service will be divided into two parts of the bill. Like G S T rates are 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent. In this case, they will be registered 2.5-2.5, percent, 6-6 per cent, 9-9 per cent or 14-14 per cent.

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CGST – This is the part of GST which goes to the Central Government.

SGST – This is half of GST which goes to the state government’s account.

NOTE:  If you are going to buy household items, before paying the bill, note that GST has been set aside for each item or together. It would be wrong to put together GST.

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