Google’s Secret Fuchsia OS Gets Card Based Armadillo User Interface

Do you know what comes after Android ? Google isn’t resting, Google’s secret Fuchsia OS user interface Armadillo has been revealed that show us a look at a future OS that’s being built by Google. Unlike Android or Chrome OS that are based on Linux, Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta” .

According to reports, Google has introduced the user interface as testing in this operating system and its design card is based. This has come up with some alleged leaked photographs. Fuchsia is not Linux-based like Android and Chrome operating systems. It works on the Micro kernel Magenta built by Google. That is, Google is not only removing Linux in this operating system but also Apache 2.0.

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If you remember, at the end of last year there were many such reports that Google said that Android and Chrome OS would create a new hybrid OS. It will be called Andromeda and it will be used to improve Cross Platform utilization on the lines of Apple iOS and Mac OS. In February 2016 Fuchsia’s developer Travis Giesbrett had said that this operating system is not a toy nor is it a 20% product. It is not even a dumping ground, which we do not care about.

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According to arc technica’s reports, the user interface of the Fuchsia user interface, also called Armadillo, looks different from Android. But there is also material design in it. This operating system looks like a Google account editor. There is a big scrolling list from where the resort applications can be found. By tapping on the profile photo, the user will get a quick settings mode and the time and battery indicator will also be shown on the home screen.

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No matter how long it will take for Google to create a new product. If you look at the history of Android, you will find that the operating system has passed all the time before coming to the smartphone. For example, Android was first brought to the camera operating system. That’s why Google’s new product Fuchsia will have to wait for you. Many experts believe that Google can replace Android from the final build of Fuchsia in the future. Although it will not happen soon, because enough work is yet to be done.

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