Google’s Researcher Florian Kainz Build SeeInTheDark App For Great Nighttime Photography With a Smartphone

Google researcher Florian Kainz has developed an Android app, which can prove to be very helpful for nighttime photography. The Experimental SeeInTheDark app, which helps android users in good quality nighttime photography at least light. This app provides manual control over the focus, exposure and ISO to the users.

The most important problem in the smartphone is the phone’s camera. If you select ‘nighttime photography’ then we agree with you. While looking at the smartphone camera has been significantly improved but Google Researcher has software for this problem, which actually works by which you can enjoy great nighttime photography with smartphones .The phones which are now coming in the market are offering the best camera quality, but there are fewer such smartphones, which are also very good at the Pixar Experience in low light. On the other hand, if you click the photo in a low light from the DSLR camera then you feel the best picture quality.

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With this SeeInTheDark app, you take a lot of photos instead of taking a photo. After tapping on the shutter button the user can shoot 64 burst photos. After which the artifacts are removed by the algorithm and the photo is cleared. The results were great after using this app in Google Pixel and Nexus 6P smartphones. This is not a perfect solution but it is only a beginning and over time many changes will be made in the algorithm, which will give you a much better result. It is not a perfect solution, as well as it is processor-intensive. But this is only a beginning and with time there will be many changes in the algorithm, which will give you even better results.

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Unfortunately, this app is not available publicly and nothing can be said about whether the future will be available to people with pixel phones or like a standalone app, but we can only wait.

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