Google’s New Be Internet Awesome Initiative With Interland Game Aims To Keep Kids Safe Online

 Google has announced a new educational program Be Internet Awesome with an online game Interland. It’s all part of Google’s new initiative to help keep kids safe online. Google hopes the program will be used in schools across the country, so kids can learn to be safe online as new technology develops.

Summer holidays are going on. During this time the children spend a long time on the internet. In such a situation, the concerns of the parents are that children should stay safe on the Internet.Google has also taken an innovative initiative considering this concern.

Be Internet Awesome provide information to children’s for being protected during the use of the Internet, prevent hacking, avoiding any type of internet harassment and password related information. A video game called Interland included in the program ‘Be Internet Awesome’ classroom syllabus .

Pavni Deewanji, Vice President, Engineering for Kids and Family, said in a blog post on Tuesday, “To make children aware of the reality of the web, we need to make smart decisions online and guide the kids who use the internet online’.

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Deewanji said that during the summer holidays, most of the children are active on the Internet for long, so it is a good time to introduce them to the ‘Be Internet Awesome : A New Way to Increase Digital Safety and Citizenship’ program.

In this program, children will get information such as sharing personal information on a limited amount in social media, creating strong passwords, avoid hacking and how to use the internet safely.

Be Internet Awesome Initiative

Google has developed this program in association with the Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafly Experts. It has five main points:

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1 . Be Internet Smart: Share with care :

Google says that the news spreads rapidly nowadays. In such a way the children need to understand what to share and what to not . Google has given three suggestions for this –
1-Watch the conversation on the Internet as a face-to-face conversation. If something is wrong then posting it is also wrong.
2-Create guidelines that tell which conversation is right and how it is not.
3-Keep information about family and friends private.

2. Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake

There are many fake news nowadays. It needs to be understood which news is correct and which fake.

3. Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets

Keeping yourself safe online is as essential as it is in real life. By learning to keep the information safe, children will be able to keep their devices, reputation and relationships safe.

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4. Be Internet Kind: It’s cool to be kind

Internet can spread both positivity and negativity. Children need to understand that to treat others as you would like to see with you.

5. Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

The biggest thing is that if children find something on the internet that they do not understand then someone elder can tell them about it. For this, the elders will have to deal with the children so that they can talk freely.

Interland Game

In order to teach children, Google has included a video game called Classroom Curriculum and Interland in the ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program. Through four different games in Interland, children will learn about protection, prevention from hacking, any kind of internet harassment, and password related information.


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