YouTube Go : Ab Mazze Udao,Data Nahi,Google Launched Beta App For Slow Internet

Google has informed on Tuesday that the company has launched a special mobile app YouTube Go specifically designed for India. Through this app, users will be able to easily download and share videos. It is available in the beta version in the Android Play Store. This beta version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app can be seen in India as a technical revolution, because India is a country where fast internet connectivity is still a major problem.

Users of Slo Internet using this app in India will also be able to watch videos faster. Which will be a revolutionary change for India itself.

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Google has announced this app in September last year, but YouTube has now made it available to users. A statement from Google said that, he had taken some time to improve the app’s better testing and quality. YouTube Go is a lighter version of the YouTube app that allows users to get more control over the usage of data, as well as users will be able to use the app better in the case of Slow Internet connection.

Mainly there are four special attention in this YouTube Go app

First, this app is offline optimized
Second, search option has been improved.
Third, attention has been made to video sharing
Fourth, Internet usage has been reduced.
YouTube Product Vice President John Rowight has said, ‘YouTube Go is designed keeping in mind the mobile users. This data will be used less and connectivity will also be fast ‘.

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User interface is quite easy

This app’s user interface is quite simple and it looks like 10 default videos. Below is the search bar from which you can search the video. At the moment, the company has not said when it will be available for iOS.

Save video in slow internet connectivity

Google has said that through this app, Slow Internet connection can also save the video comfortably. At present, the Beta version of this app supports five Indian languages, but 10 languages will be available in the coming days.

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Smart Preview feature is special

The smart preview feature has been given in which users will know before saving video about what it contains.


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