New Gau Raksha Police Force For Cow Protection GRPF

The BJP government’s cow love is the world famous, but recently the BJP has thrown a precious pearl in this cow love . The Central Government has decided that a new police force- ‘Gau Raksha Police Force’ (GRPF) will be built to protect the cows. Two lakh soldiers will be recruited in this force and this recruitment examination will be organized by the UPSC.

When we asked the GRPF (Gau Raksha Police Force) Selection Board Secretary Shyam Gopal Ji, “Where will the budget for GRPF come from?”, He said, “As you know, since the central government is implementing a new tax from July 1 – ‘Gou Service Tax’ (GST), all the money will be levied in making GRPF! “After this, explaining the formation of GRPF, he said that cow guards will be divided into three categories-

Grade A’s minimum qualification for Gau Raksha Police will be PHD and that too in COW psychology. The cow-guard of grade A will be able to tell that the cow is happy or unhappy. Talking to the cows, understanding the cravings of the cows, giving them consolation, making them mentally strong and teaching self-defense will be an important task of this category’s officers.

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Grade B’s Gau Raksha Police should be at least graduate. Their work will be cows molded according to a new era. It is often seen that the cow sits between the streets and the tracks, does not stop at the traffic signal, dump anywhere, and plastic bags are eaten. This type of cows should be the main task of the employees of this class to remove the brutality. Apart from this, many tasks like cobbling sunglasses, caps and winter blankets in the summer will also be done by the staff of this category.

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For grade C, there is no minimum qualification for the Gau Raksha Police, they should just walk the sticks and the knife and sword and come alive in the night. Following the trains, their running test will be taken away. They just have to write an essay on the cow- ‘The cow is our mother’ type. This category of GRPF is the most important. Still many NGOs in this category are voluntarily engaged in their work and without the help of the police, they are doing their job skillfully with the help of lift the law on their shoulders.

When we talked to a self-acclaimed cow-guard, Koplal Das, he told us with great joy and glee: “Or the whole thing can be done, the work that we do for our own frustration. Now you will also get money for Gau Raksha . After all Gao-Mata heard us Just writing an essay, there is a slight parasani, oh that we do not have much knowledge about cows!

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After listening to this news, all the stables in the country have turned into coaching classes and the number of those who have made PhD on COW psychology has increased sharply. ‘Gau’ has become the most searched word on Google in the last two days. Now comes ‘How to know your cow’ as you type ‘How’ on Google!

It is now to see if GRPF will be given the right to cows, or every time it will be eaten like this.

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