Game Of Thrones Season 7 GOT Can Lift The Curtain Of Many Unresolved Questions And Mysteries

Remember Winter is coming,Mother of Dragons,Iron Throne,GOT ?, Otherwise ‘You Know Nothing’ like John Snow. Here we talk about Game Of Thrones Season 7 . In Game of Thrones Season 7 you’ll see how the characters romance while hanging between life and death. The last season means Game of Thrones Season 6 of the show shown Affectiones between a brother and a sister.

Nearly 90 million people watched the last episode of the last season of Game of Thrones in the sixth season. If it adds the number of viewers through internet and piracy, then the figure reaches 2 crores. Fans had to wait a lot for Game Of Thrones Season 7 i.e GOT season 7. Well, let us tell you that the first episode of this has been on air and it has also been very popular among the people.

Stark have returned as the King of the North, representing the illegitimate son of Ned Stark John Snow. They are preparing their army for the winters. Lyna Mormont’s speech was going to win everyone’s hearts. He was just for a scene and he played the entire scene in a very effective manner. He did this before, but this time it was something else.

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For the first time in this season you will see difference between John Snow and Santa Stark growing. It would be really interesting to see the cracks between the two brothers and sisters.

What is the game of thrones  ?

Game of Thorns is a show on HBO. It is based on George R.R. Martin’s novel series A Song of Fire and Ice. So far 60 of its episodes (6 seasons) have come.
The story of Game of Thrones is of the fictional Westrosz Empire. This is the story of struggle for the empire’s cactus i.e. Iron Throne. There are many characters in the story, there are many states and many deceptions.

Weststros Empire :

Westros is a vast empire that has 7 different large monarchs. These royals are Targaryen, Barathon, Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Martell and Tyrell. Apart from this there are also families from Arryn and Tully.

The wall :

There are forests across the north border of Westros where wild tribal species live. To protect them, a huge wall was built on the northern border. This wall is protected by night watch people. Night watch is a group of warriors who remain unmarried and whose purpose is to protect the wall only. They are also called Black Brothers or Crows. John Snow is part of this watch.

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What is across the wall ?

There are many tribal castes in the forests of the north of the Wall, which are called wildlings. At the beginning of the game of thrones, these forests or white walkers come in. These are the creatures with amazing powers and they can not be easily killed. They can be killed only with a special sword. Those who kill them make their own white walkers.
In these forests there are also children of the forest, which are the centuries old native population of Westrosoz. They also have magical powers.

Game Of Thrones Season 7


A lot of politics is shown in the Game Of Thrones Season 7. Shows show how the characters are romantically swinging between life and death. In the last season of the show, it was shown how a brother and sister are engaged in affair, and a father rape his own daughters. Seeing which viewers were shocked Overall, the show is a form of adventure that you can not predict about. It strikes you in every episode.

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The premiere of the Game Of Thrones Season 7 has happened on July 16 that is, at 9 a.m. on Sunday night. Its seventh season has been named Dragon Stone. On the other hand, those who are fan of this show in India can see the first episode of the Seventh Season on Star World and Star World HD on July 18, 2017. Apart from this, on July 17 at 7.30 in the morning, you can also see it on the Hotstar.

The Hotstar will come with all the show’s episodes for the Indian audience at 7.30 a.m. At Star World you can see it at 11 o’clock. There have been many such questions and secrets in the past season that were left incomplete and unsettled. It is expected that in this season the audience will get answers to all the questions.

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