How To Find Your Lost Smartphone

Nowadays losing or stolen smartphones is a common thing so it is important for you to know that how to find your lost smartphone . If this happens then there is a lot of suffering but most of the tension is misuse of your personal data  . You do not have to take tension because even after losing the phone or stolen, you can control it with these simple tech tips  . For this, you will have to get the help of ‘Android Device Manager’. With this help you can easily find your lost smartphone. Apart from this, through Android Device Manager, you can lock your smartphone when it is stolen, delete data from the phone or even lock the phone.

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Use  ‘Android Device Manager’ to find your lost smartphone :

Now you have to go to the phone’s settings. In the Security Option, click on Device Administrator and check the check box next to Android Device Manager. With this remote location you can also lock the phone and save your mobile data too.

With Android Device Manager, you can lock the smartphone when it’s stolen, delete the data from the phone or lock the phone.

Search ‘Find my phone’ in Google to find your lost smartphone :

Now open Google and type ‘Find my phone’ through Android device manager. You will now be asked to sign in to Google ID. Let us know, you have to give the same ID that you have signed in to your phone. Three options for ring, lock and erase will be visible, select the option according to your needs. Now after logging in to Gmail you will see a screen, where Google will show your phone’s name and your location on Google Maps. You will also see three options, Play, Sound and Erase. If you think your phone has been kept in close proximity then click on Play sound option. After that the ringtone will ring in your phone, which will run for 5 minutes. After the phone is found, you can close its sound with the power button of the phone.

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This is the complete process to find your lost smartphone :

If you think your phone can be in someone else’s hands, then you can lock the phone with this. When clicking on the lock option, you will be asked for a new password. Along with this, you can also give a phone number and a message if you wish. If this phone is accidentally handled by someone, then he can read the message and give you information about the location of your phone.

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If you suspect that someone can misuse your phone’s data, then you can delete the data on your phone with this. Clicking on the third option Erase will ask you for confirmation. Even if yes, then all this data will be deleted forever.

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