Facts Of Facebook Internal Rulebook Leaked

If you are a social media freak, then you probably know social media giant Facebook Internal Rulebook. But, if you don’t know it is very important for you to know this news. The world’s largest social media network also has its own internal rulebook and recently it has been leaked. The guidelines given here only determine what content will go on the site and what not.

Which of your posts would be deleted? This information is released by the British website ‘The Guardian’. For the first time in front of the world, such a thing has arisen once again the debate over Facebook’s ethics has risen.

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According to Facebook Internal Rulebook,Facebook moderates content related to issues such as violence, inflammatory speeches, terrorism, pornography, racism and self-harm. There are guidelines on match-fixing and content related to eating human flesh.

Facebook employees are more prone to challenges such as revenge porn. Nude and Semi Nude photos of people have in its high level. Since they have to decide on content in less time. Many times the work is so much that the moderators get only 10 minutes to decide on content. Sources say that Facebook does not have control over its own content. It has increased a lot in a very short time.

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Facts reveal that Facebook has six and a half million reports related to fake accounts in one week,in Facebook Internal Rulebook they called as Fake, Not Real Person (FNRP).

Facts Of Facebook Internal Rulebook : At a glance

  • – Delete comments like ”Someone shoot’ US President Donald Trump”. Since the head of a country or the most respected and important person is in the Protective Category.
  • – Vibrant killings videos will be considered as disturbing elements but not necessary to delete them every time.
  • – Non-sexual physical abuses and disturbing pictures of children will also not be deleted.
  • -Animal Abuse photos can be shared.
  • – The handmade art that promotes nudity and sexual activity will be valid, but digital not.
  • -Abortion’s  videos will be valid.
  • – People will be allowed to post live stream videos that harm themselves.
  • – Having more than one lakh followers, that person will be considered as a public figure.

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