Facebook Talk App : A Messaging App That Protect Teenagers

The leading social networking company Facebook is going to bring a separate Facebook Talk app for teenagers, to protect them from being victim of online harassment. This app will allow the teen’s family and parents to keep an eye on their children’s social network connections .

Ordinary people i.e everyone can not search this Facebook Talk app . Only teenagers can use this messaging app . If an unknown person tries to use the Facebook Talk app to take advantage of a teenager . The app itself will be closed.

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Features Of Facebook Talk app :

According to ‘The information’, this new messaging app code revealed that it will give full parental control . According to the code of this app, Talk is a messaging app, where you can have full control over all the contacts And your child can also talk with you in Messenger using the Facebook Talk app.

Age Restriction

This app can be used by teens over the age of 13 years and will not need a Facebook account to use this Facebook Talk app .

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In a Australian newspaper, it was said that using this app , it will be able to advertise targeted teenagers of the age of 14 years.

Need Of Facebook Talk App

Teenagers often have to face many problems on social sites. Many times, innocent children become victim of online harassment on social sites . Some people are able to exploit innocent teens through Facebook. This problem is usually found everywhere and in India too .

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But with this new messaging app problem of harassment and bullying will be solve because with this app parents can know about whom their children are in contact with. Parents will also be able to guide them when needed. If someone harasses a teenager on this app then parents can also contact the local police.

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