Facebook launched the Reaction Emoji for the light app

Facebook has released the Reaction Emoji feature for the light app at an event.The worldwide popularity of Facebook is constantly increasing and it can be estimated from the fact that the number of users is more than 1.3 billion which means that more than 1 billion by July last year. According to the new report, the number of active users of Facebook Messenger is almost double the number of Instagram users and is close to the number of WhatsApp users. In February this year, the number of active users of Whatsapp reached 1.2 billion.

Facebook organized a ‘A Plate to Connect’ event in New Delhi on Wednesday. In addition to telling about the attempt to add society, Facebook also introduced several other products in this event. The social media network has mentioned about its Facebook Lite app and especially some camera effects for India.

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Reaction feature is being released in Facebook Lite. The Facebook Lite Android app with less data consumption has been developed for emerging markets like India, where there is a lack of high-speed network with weak connectivity. They were launched for the first time last year, and the company says that so far, Facebook Post has used 300 billion times. Remind that, Facebook Reaction Emoji includes Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

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Apart from this, Facebook has announced that some camera effects are being given specifically for the Facebook camera in India. Facebook said that local camera effects designed for India are being released. These include Namaste and experience of New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and other popular places of the country.

Facebook: A place to connect event, the social networking company has Facebook Live, Facebook Light, Full Camera, 360 Photos, Groups, Events, Octulas, Instagram, Whatsapp, Check, Community Help, Safety Center, Parents Portal, and Suicide Prevention, Explaining about the bullying prevention hub.

Recently, Facebook has introduced some features for the Messenger platform. The company has updated M Virtual Assistant, with which the users can order food directly at Delivery.Com. Along with this, Facebook is also launching a new function for QR code, which will allow the real world to be enjoyed by scanning from the smartphone.

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Facebook has been testing its M Virtual Assistant since 2015, now the company has finally announced to put some of its features into its app. It can now recognize that when users are talking to their friends about dinner, then they recommend ordering with Delivery.Com. Facebook says that it involved the group’s order and payment process. This new feature will now be available in the U.S. provided by the Delivery Doc. Will be available everywhere in

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