Know Why EU Hits Google With 17 Lakh Crore Fine

The European Union Commission EU Hits Google with a penalty of approximately 1.7 lakh crore on Google.The Commission says that Google misused its powers to spread its shopping service in search results.This is the biggest penalty imposed on a company for the purpose of severing the market.Google has also been warned to stop its anti-competitive activities in 90 days .

Google has said that he can appeal against the verdict.However, if he does not bring changes in the promotion of his shopping services within three months, then he may have to pay a 5 percent penalties for the daily earnings of his parent company Alphabet.
According to the company’s latest financial report, this amount can be up to 90 million rupees.
Instead of suggesting solutions in the shopping services, the commission has left it on Google to change what it will do.

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Why EU Hits Google :

EU Commissioner Comparison Margaret Wasteger said, “What Google has done, is according to the rules, is illegal.” He did not give other companies the opportunity to compete and experiment. The most important thing is that it deprived European consumers of the benefits of competition and the actual choice. ‘
Google had earlier denounced the allegations on this issue and said Amazon and eBay have a greater effect on people’s spending habits.

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After the latest fine, a company spokesman said, “When you shop online, you want to find the things you want quickly and easily. And the advertisers want to advertise the same. That’s why we connect advertisers with thousands of advertisers by showing ads for shopping.

Google said, ‘We disagree with today’s findings with full respect. We are considering an appeal, so we will have a detailed review of the decisions of the Commission. ”
It is that when you search on Google to buy something, ad links are shown on the normal search links, including photos of the product, price and review – if available – if available. It also contains ‘sponsored’ or ‘sponsored’.

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Advertisements on smartphones are more likely to open links because the scrolled user does not appear to have other links. Of course, Google has its advantage.
The European Commission is investigating the Google shopping case since 2010.

This is the first time in an antitrust case in the European Union, when such a large fine has been imposed on a company. This fine has been applied after a long investigation lasted for 7 years. Google had complaints against companies like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foundam, News Corp and FairSearch.

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