Elari Nanophone C Superslim Anti Smartphone Launched In India Check Price Specifications

In India, the world’s smallest mobile phone Elari NanoPhone C is launched. This is the smallest GSM phone being claimed. Although this is not a smartphone but a feature mobile phone. It was launched in the country on e-commerce platform Yerha.com.

Elari Nanophone C Specs And Features :

According to the press release issued by the e-commerce website Yehra.com, almost the size of the credit card is Elari NanoPhone C ‘Anti Smart Mobile Phone’. The length of this phone is 94.4 mm wide, 35.8 mm wide and 6 mm thick, while the weight is only 30 grams. This phone is also being called the world’s lightest phone.

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This phone with aluminum casing body has a silicone keypad. It has a colored TFT display and it also supports the MicroSD card. The phone has a microsim card.

This phone supports up to 32GB storage and has also been given MP3 player, FM radio and alarm. The phone also has a voice recorder, so that phone calls can be recorded directly to the SD card.

According to the company, the Bluetooth feature of the phone gives users the ability to pair with any iOS, Android phone, so that incoming calls in that smartphone can be received in it.

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In this phone, users can save up to 1000 contacts while the phone’s battery gives standby mode of 4 days. However, the actual talk time of the phone is 4 hours. Apart from this, the phone has also been given a MicroUSB port for headphone jack and data transfer-charging to listen to music in the phone.

The nanophone C has Bluetooth connectivity, it is possible to connect to Android and iOS devices. Users can call Bluetooth and connect with other connected smartphones and pick up calls. The company has also told about a magic voice function. With this help the user can call prank with their friends.

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Elari Nanophone C Price :

This phone comes in rose gold, black and silver colors. However, according to the features of the phone, its price is slightly higher. It is being sold at Rs 3,940 and it is much more expensive than Nokia 3310.

Nanophone C is stylish, extremely compact and anti-smart mobile phone. It is made for the smartphone user who wants to keep himself away from the delusion of connectivity while being active lifestyle. And it is also possible to reach them as well.

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