Cm Yogi Adityanath Launches Mukhbir Yojana To Tackle Female Feticide

Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday launched ‘Mukhbir Yojana’ for female feticide prevention  and women helpline ‘181 Mahila asha jyoti line’ .

The Chief Minister Yogi has started the ‘181 Female Asha Jyoti Help Line’ Rescue Van for 64 districts in the Samroh organized on his official residence. With the introduction of 64 new Rescue Vans, women of all the districts of UP will get the benefit of this scheme.

What is the Mukhbir Yojana ?

To prevent female feticide, Yogi Sarkar has introduced ‘Mukhbir’ scheme in the state. This scheme is being started under the PCPNDT Act. Under this, action will be taken on nursing homes and ultrasound centers that identify the fetus gender. At the same time, the person giving the information will be given a reward from 10 thousand to 2 lakh.

How Mukhbir Yojana work ?

Under this scheme, those ultrasound centers and nursing homes will be identified, who share the information about pregnant women being female fetuses. NGO help will be taken as ‘informant’ in catching such people.

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On the information of NGO, the police and health department team will be raided at the said address.
After this, the government will take action against related ultrasound centers and nursinghomes. In return, the NGO will be given a suitable reward.

Reward in three installments :

If there is correct information and successful operation then the informer will get 60 thousand rupees, the person who becomes a false customer will go to a nursing home or ultrasound center, he will get Rs. 1 lakh and his assistant will receive 40 thousand rupees. These money will be found in three installments.

1st installment – on getting the information right out
Second installment – during court attendance
Third installment- When convicts get punishment

How to become informer for Mukhbir Yojana ?

For this scheme only persons or pregnant women working in the State Government or Central Government services can be selected. None of these will be chosen as informer or false customer or assistant. An pregnant woman who is a false customer has to give an affidavit.

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The plan to be part of the Secretary of Health at the state level and Family Welfare, president kingdoms proper authorization or PCPNDT Act nodal officer could be contacted collector at the district level or CMO.

While congratulating the minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi, the Chief Minister said that he congratulated Minister Joshi and his team for this campaign for women empowerment under the State Women Empowerment Mission.

The Chief Minister said that since the launch of 64 new Rescue Vans, women of all the districts of U.P. will get the benefit of this scheme. The first lady helpline was working in only 11 districts, but now it will work in 75 districts.

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Open to 24 hours for seven days, this callcenter will become the strength of women and work for 24 hours and seven days. Through this, victims of domestic violence will be able to demand help.

Yogi said that there is a lot of discrimination in the villages. Rescue van services will now be provided in all the districts.

On the informant plan, the Chief Minister said that under Mukhbir Yojana those who give information about feticide will be given a reward ranging from 10 thousand to two lakh rupees. Incentive amount of informant plan has also been increased, but its wrong use also has to be stopped.

For the prevention of female feticide, the ‘Mukhbir Yojana’ will be most concentrated in 10 districts. These include Jalan, Sitapur, Bagpat, Ambedkar Nagar, Fatehpur, Bijnor, Hardoi, Muzaffarnagar, Rampur and Etawah.

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