Facebook hardware group in building 8 may offer state of the art tech products

Social networking giant facebook has not done anything special in hardware yet. However, the company has bought the virtual reality company Oculus. But now the news is that Facebook can tell about its building 8 hardware products in April. Because Facebook’s annual F8 conference is in April.

Building 8

Let me tell you that there is a secret division of Facebook which is also called Building 8 and the company has not yet given much information about it. According to the report of Business Insider, at least four consumer hardware is being developed.

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Reality Camera 

One of them is being called reality based camera . This cutting-edge gadget has the ability to replace a virtual object in real . Actually, only for your eyes .

Brain scanning technology and Drone

According to some reports, a drone and brain scanning technology is also being developed.

The command of this project is in the hands of a former neuroscientist of American Research University John Hopkins who has developed the Mind Control Prostatic Arm.

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