Biometric Solar ATM Being Developed For Rural India

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Wednesday that Indian scientists have developed a Biometric Solar ATM for rural areas to emphasizing the country’s digitization and paperless economy after the ban,  Harshvardhan said to the media from the conference of Science and Technology, “After 8th November there was a lot of discussion on digitization. A team of scientists from Kolkata Prof. S.P. Under the leadership of Gon Chaudhary, a Bio-Solar ATM has been designed. ”

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He said, “It is in the final phase, and Biometric Solar ATM can be ready in the next two-three months and of course, we will bring this technology to people outside the laboratory.” Renewable Energy Specialist Gon Chaudhary has written a prototype of the Biometric Solar ATM Exhibited. It costs Rs 6 lakh, which is half of the cost of conventional ATMs. The scientist said that Biometric Solar ATM is biometric, it is driven by touch based and solar rays.

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Recently, fingerprint is being used in digital payment. Now that the US company MasterCard is preparing to fetch a card that will allow users to pay using fingerprint. After the arrival of this card, users will get rid of that problem. After this card of MasterCard arrives, you will be able to use your finger instead of a credit or debit card PIN when purchasing it anywhere.

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If you register the card with your bank, your figure card will be stored on the digital template of the card. Whenever you use the EMV card reader, you will have to pay a payment by scanning your fingerprint instead of the PIN.

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