Bill Gates Didn’t Let His Kids Use Cell Phones Until They Turned 14

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has revealed that he has kept his children away from technology for a long time. Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, said that when his children were growing up, he used to insist on mobile phones, but he (Bill Gates) and his wife Melinda did not complete this stubbornness of children. Unless the children are 14 years old.

Like other parents, Bill Gates has also made rules for technology in his home, and is also very careful about the extent to which technology is to be used. Bill Gates said that we often set a schedule after which children should not be allowed to watch television, and doing so, it makes a difference to children that they can sleep better.

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Not only this, Bill Gates also said, “We should always keep in mind that how to use technology in the right way so that after doing homework, you can also play with friends.” He said, “When we eat food So, there should not be any smartphone on our table at that time. Gates said, ‘We did not even call our children when they complained that all children of their age have smartphones.’

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs also lived in favor of using technology correctly. Once Steve Jobs was asked if his children ask for your own favorite i-Pad immediately after launch? Job’s response on this was that their children never used it. They said, ‘We have restricted it to our house how much technology our children can use.’

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