BCCI has not given salaries to players of Team India for the last six months

The BCCI has waged a war with the ICC for its profits. But this supreme institution of Indian cricket is not concerned about the rights of its own players. BCCI has not given salaries to players of Team India for the last six months.

According to the news of the Indian Express, the BCCI is not paying attention to salaries of team India players in the wake of their quarrel with the ICC. All casualties related to players are usually settled within 15-30 days, but this time it has stretched for months. A member of Team India’s Test Team said, “The board has not paid the players for the last six months. Generally these payments should be made in 15 days, but do not know why this time is getting so late.

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The Indian team has won one series in the series in the last six months. In the domestic season, Team India did not lose a single series and defeated strong teams like Australia, New Zealand and England. Even after this, the salary board of the players has been stuck.

Significantly, Indian players get 15 lakh rupees in a test match, according to the new grade rules of the board, which is in the 15-member team. But not even in the last 11, seven lakh rupees are available.

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