Android O Vs iOS11 Best Top Features And Comparison

There is a Android O Vs iOS11 debate among users that Android O is better or iOS11 . This debate does not end, because both are separate OS and people buy according to the choice.

Apple had just introduced its iOs 11 operating system in its Developer preview conference WWDC San Jose, California recently. With this, also let us know that Google also introduced its new operating system Android O 8.0 to its I / O conference in May. This was the second preview version shown by the company.

Now how much better these two are from each other, or even some drawbacks and whether they are able to give each other a tough fight, let’s talk about Android O Vs iOS11.

Android O Vs iOS11

Innovation And Creativity:

Some features in Android O look inspires from iOS11, especially copyless features, which will make it easy to copy paste the content.

New AI Features :

Google has included some really great AI-based features in its Android O 8.0, like copying any Wi-Fi password by looking into the camera. However, Apple has not been able to incorporate the AI technology into its operating system so far.

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Picture-in-Picture Mode :

A new feature for the users of Android O 8.0 has also come that you can now sync a video to a thumbnail or use the Picture-in-Picture mode to make the multitasking capability even better. Apart from this, Android O 8.0 can now play any music from your phone in many speakers. Apart from this, it will work with Chrome Cast now.

Peer-to-peer payment system :

Apple iOS 11 has competed with the iMessaging App. In this you are getting a new Apple Pay feature, which has not been seen in Android O 8.0.

Voice Assistant :

Here we find that Google Voice Assistant, who offers far more than his Voice Assistant, has overtaken Apple’s Siri. In this you are getting a new mode called Google Lens. Through it, you can identify the objects. Apart from this, Siri can hold only the voice command.

Android O 8.0 can be seen in a little more streamlined. Thanks for its creative aspects should be thanked. Apart from this, if we look at Apple’s siri, then it seems the same old concept and can only take voice commands.

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Proactive operating system :

If we take a look at all aspects, and even in terms of constant updates Android O 8.0 is more effective. However, the iOS 11 is also similar. It can not be said so effective. It is here to see that the operating system Google created is going to run on millions of devices, though Apple’s iOS 11 will only be seen in Apple’s i phones.

Android O 8.0 works faster than watching consistent improvements and optimizations. It would not be wrong to say that it’s even better than the iOS 11.

Android O Vs iOS11 Security issues and inherent bugs :

Where it comes to security, Apple’s iOS 11 has hit it, because it looks like a great mix of both hardware and software. Besides, if it comes to source code etc. Apple’s iOS 11 seems to be much better. Without any doubt it can be said that there is less number of bugs in it. Apart from this, apps etc. are also more secure in this. Here Android O 8.0 is left behind in this case.

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Android O Vs iOS11 Performance And Battery life :

Here Android O 8.0 looks forward While its boost up time is quite fast, in addition the application’s loading time is also very fast, apart from this, some of the software present in it help to increase the battery capacity. Apart from this, if you talk about iOS 11, then you will not get much performance in it. Although in many cases it goes beyond Android O but in some cases it has to stay behind.

Android O Vs iOS11 Conclusion

Overall, Apple iOS 11 and Android O 8.0 are competing somewhere, because in this article we have seen that in some cases Android’s new operating system is ahead, in some cases Apple’s iOS11 .



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