Android O aka OREO Next version of Google’s flagship mobile OS

First Developer Preview for Android O was released just over a week ago, Google has now released an official walkthrough video hosted by Google’s Nasir Khan of its latest OS on youtube and we’re starting to uncover what Google has been doing with Android for the past year and what to expect when it’s released.

Video shared by google describes about the new background limits on apps that will help improve battery life on Android O devices and also talks about the new notifications channels, and how they will work to group an app’s notifications by category.

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Walkthrough video also points out the new Autofill features in the OS as well, which are meant to help users fill out password and other online forms quicker and easier compared to older versions of Android. Picture-in-Picture mode also gets a mention, along with multi-display support.

Android O features :

Android O is able to limit background tasks to improve performance and battery life . And other features, like notification channels, aren’t really implemented in any apps yet. Settings looks like it’s been redesigned yet again, with new top-level categories—Network & Internet, Connected devices, and so on—and a pleasant light color scheme.

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Within Settings, some of the interfaces have changed pretty dramatically too. For example, Battery and Storage settings have been completely redesigned.

The notification shade, which displays when you swipe down from the top of the screen, features more status notification icons at the top and some revised quick tile icons on the bottom .

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The navigation bar seems to change color more frequently now, most likely in a bid to make it more visible via contrast. For example, when you display All Apps (which has a white background), the navigation bar buttons change from light to dark.

You can now customize the Android navigation bar which features Back, Home, and Recent buttons—with different layouts and permanent additional buttons.

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