Amazon Freetime Service App For Kids Now Available On Android

Amazon , the popular website of the international market’s new  Amazon Freetime service app  helps parent to control the content used by there children. The company offers videos, websites and YouTube videos according to age. After which parents can control and decide the age of their children and how mature they are, to see any content. Until now, the controls were only available on Fire Tablets, Kindle and Fire TVs, but today, the company is launching Amazon Freetime Android app. This is the first time that Freedom is available on non-Amazon devices.

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Parents can select books,videos, apps and games that are added in Amazon Freetime Android App. While kids can browse YouTube videos and websites according to age, which is in the list by Amazon team. Parental screen can also set the deadline. Also a pause time, which frees off Amazon Freetime at night. While Android is free to download and use the app, Parents can make payment for Amazon Freetime Unlimited, which provides additional good books and videos.

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In April, Amazon launched a new Dashboard that allows the parent to see how their children are using Amazon Freetime, such as what content they are viewing and how long they are active in a book or video. This dashboard also works with the Android app.

Recently, the Prime Video Service has been launched in India. The Amazon Prime Video app can be used on both Android and iOS platforms. At present, Amazon Prime Members will receive this service free of charge. While it costs Rs 999. But at present, it will be available in India at a price of Rs 499. Netflix and Hotstar, like Amazon Prime Video, are also offering video streaming services. Netflix’s cheapest pack is 500 rupees per month, while Hotstar offers premium subscription at 199 rupees per month.

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