Aadhaar Card Update: How to change name, mobile number and email ID online

One time aadhaar card was optional. But gradually it has become mandatory. Now it is important to link PAN card with Aadhaar card number to file an Income Tax Return. But many times it has been seen that due to human mistake there is an error in the Aadhaar card. Sometimes the name is wrong, so many times the date of your birth is written wrong by typing mistake on the card. In this case, you need aadhaar card update . Many times your mobile number, home address and email address are also changed. In this situation also you will be under pressure to update the Aadhaar card. The good thing is that the UIDAI website has the facility of updating the Aadhaar cards online.

There are three types of facilities to update these information on the aadhaar website. If you wish, you can update the Aadhaar card online. Aadhaar card can also be updated by posting and visiting the enrollment Center. The website created for online aadhaar card update is known as the aadhaar self-service update portal. For your convenience, we will tell you about how to update the information of your Aadhaar card online.

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To update the Aadhaar card online, you must have a mobile number which was registered with your aadhaar number. Because the OTP will be sent to the mobile number during the update process. If you do not have that mobile number then go to the aadhaar enrollment center and update it. Only then will you be able to update your aadhaar card online. Make clear that Indian citizens can update their name, address, gender (gender), date of birth, mobile number and email address online only. For any other change, you have to go to the aadhaar Enrollment / Update Center.

1. Go to the Self-Service Update Portal first.
2. Write your aadhaar number here.
3. After this you will get a One Time Password on the registered mobile number.
4. After this, enter OTP and go to Update portal.

Aadhaar Card Update Request

1. After this, you select the option that you want to update / improve.
2. The good thing is that you will be able to update all the options. Hope that such a situation will not come.
3. After choosing the option, the aadhaar card update form will appear in front of you. Here you can change the information according to your need. Here the name and address information will also be updated in Hindi along with English.
4. Check the new information you have given. Because you will not want to go back to this website again. After the inquiry is complete, click on the Submitted Update Request.

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Aadhaar Card Update Document Upload

1. Now you have applied for the change. There will also be documents related to it. Please note that there will be no need for any papers to make changes in email id, mobile number and gender. But for a change in name, date of birth and address, you will have to give a document related to it.

2. You will need to give proof of identification to change the name. These documents are valid for identity card – passport, PAN card, ration / PDS photo card, voter ID and driving license. Tell that its list is longer. Learn about all the valid papers by clicking here.
3. To change the date of birth, you will have to give a photo copy of birth certificate, secondary board pass certificate or passport.

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4. A proof of address will be required to change the address. These documents are valid – passport, bank statement, bank passbook, post office account passbook, ration card and voter card. Its list is also very long. Learn about it by clicking here.
5. Keep in mind two or three things while uploading the document. You must upload the self-signed photo copy of the document provided in the proof. And do not use the same document for two changes. For this, it would be better to give different documents.

Select BPO Service Provider For Aadhaar Card Update

1. After uploading the required papers, select the appropriate option from the BPO Service Provider.
2. Submit Request Now

3. After this you will get an update request number. Take it down and write it down. You can download or print the acknowledgment copy of the update request.

Let us know that the UIDAI website clearly states that aadhaar card update information will not be updated just by applying for updates to the aadhaar data. It will be updated only after verifying your given documents .

Hopefully now you can easily update your Aadhar card online.

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