9 Most Expensive Items In The World, 425 Lakh Crores For 1 Grams

Usually there are many such things in the world, which are very expensive. All of you know about Gold and Diamond. But, some such items (things) are on this earth,which you probably may not know about. It is not for everyone to find and buy these things. The cost of these expensive items in the world is so much that you will be shocked to know.

According to British Infotainment portal Richest.com, these precious things include antimatter, which is worth a gram worth 6.25 trillion dollars (Rs 425 lakh crores).


Antimatter is not only the world, but it is the most expensive chemical element in the universe. The value of one gram of the world’s most expensive item is 6.25 trillion dollars, which is valued at Rs 425 lakh crores in Indian Rupees. It is used for hospitals, radioactive molecules in positron emission tomography and for medical imaging. In addition,it is also used in nuclear weapons. It is the most expensive chemical element throughout the world.

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Californium is also included in the world’s most expensive metal. The price of this metal is approximately $ 27 million per gram ie (183 crores). It was discovered in California in the 1950’s.


Diamond is the most expensive stone in the world, the most used for jewelery. Due to its beauty it has a lot of demand. It comes out from the very bottom of the ground, whose cost is very high. Diamonds worth 32 million years old in the world. The price of this precious diamond is around 55,000 dollars per gram (Rs 37 lakhs).

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Tritium hydrogen contained in the world’s expensive things is a radioactive isotope. It is a kind of gas that is used for light. It is also called triton. Tritium has protons and two neutrons in the nucleus. It costs about $ 30,000 per gram (Rs 20 lakh).


This StoneStone has also been identified as a gem. This rare gem also comes in red and purple. The price of this stone is $ 20,000 (Rs13.6 lakh) per gram. It is very soft compared to the diamond.


Panite is also a kind of stone, which was discovered in 1950 in Berma (now Myanmar). It is one of the world’s most expensive stones. Its price is $ 9,000 (Rs 6 lakhs) per gram.

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One of the world’s expensive metals, plutonium is used in nuclear weapons. The price of this metal is about $ 4,000 ($ 2.6 lakh) per gram. Apart from this, it is used for electricity also.


The most expensive item used for addiction . However, it has been banned in many countries. Its price is approximately $ 215 (Rs 14 thousand) per gram.


It is also used for addiction .Although it is also prohibited in many countries. The price of heroin is $ 130 (9 thousand rupees) per gram.

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