5 Effective Smell Removing Tips To Remove Fridge Odor

Many times it happens that the smell of things in the fridge turns mixed together and a bad odor. In such a way, it is very important to remove fridge odor.

In the refrigerator, we keep food and drinks thinking that they are safe there, but if the fridge starts to smell, then it is understood that the things kept in your fridge are not safe.  Or even if something gets destroyed then even the fridge starts to smell.

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You can use these home remedies to remove fridge odor:

1. Use Soda to remove fridge odor

Put the soda bowl in the fridge. With this the smell of the fridge will go away. You can also use it permanently.

2. Orange or mint extract

Orange or mint extract eliminates the fragrance of the fridge and fills it with a very good scent. It has the ability to absorb bad breath. Add some drops of extracts to the water when you clean the refrigerator. If you want, put it in a bowl and keep it for ever.

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3. Coffee seeds to remove fridge odor

Put some beans of the coffee in the bowl and put them in the fridge. The fridge will not only stink free but also you feel the sophisticated fragrance of the coffee.

4. Lemon

If you want you can keep some lemon drops mixed with water in a bowl. Or you can put half a lemon in the fridge.

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5. Newzepaper

The newspaper absorbs the fragrance of the fridge. If you want to wrap things in the fridge beforehand, wrap them in paper. If you do not want to do this then keep a bundle of paper in the fridge. Smell will go away

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