5 Amazing Facebook Secret You Probably Didnt Know

There are many facebook secret features that very few people know about. In particular, users use this social site to chat and view profiles and photos, or to check for updates. But there are many facebook secret features available to Facebook that can make Facebook more useful for you. Through which you can track your Facebook account and keep other important information related to it. Let’s know about facebook secret Facts which can be extremely useful for users.

1. Login Alerts

If you want to get the information when someone login with your Facebook account, then in such a way, the ‘Login Alerts’ feature can be enabled. This feature is provided inside the security settings in the Facebook settings. If you want, you can get the notification on the phone or even on the email. The option of mobile and email notifications is given within the login alerts. To activate this feature, you have to go to Settings> srcurity> Login Alerts in Facebook.

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2. Hide Relationship Status

On Facebook, when you update your relationship status and wish that your friends do not know about it, you can adopt Facebook’s trick for it. Visit the About section in Facebook and go to Family and Relationship. There will be a gray icon under the relationship option in which you have selected friends or public option. Make it Only me. After which nobody besides you will be able to see your relationship status.

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3. Notifications off

If you do not like a comment or a post by another person on your Facebook post, you can also turn off its notifications. For this, you click on the globe above it in your profile. Now click on “X” in the notification of that person. After that the person has stopped getting notifications of the comment.

4. Trusted contacts

If you are ever having trouble logging in your Facebook account, then you can resort to trusted contacts. But it is important that you have enabled the Trusted Cantacts feature. This feature will also get you inside the security in settings. To enable this feature, it is necessary to enter the name of at least three people who are in your Facebook friend list. If you have forgotten your password or the account has been hacked then you can take advantage of trusted contacts. To Enable Trusted Cents – setting> srcurity> Trusted Contacts

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5. Photo Album Download

Downloading a photo on Facebook is better than downloading the full album together. But fewer users would know that photo albums can be downloaded from Facebook. For this, go to the photo album in Facebook, click on the album’s photo you want to download. Click on the drop-down option on the right. Now download photos by clicking Download album .


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